At Kelp we understand that even when you have
to be creative, you still have to be organized.

This is why we follow a strict guideline when crafting solutions and working with our clients. We keep our solutions broken down into six core categories; these categories aren’t just to help us group our services into easy-to-understand sections, but also to showcase how any project or solution should be set up in order to have the best chances of success.

Solution Pipeline

1. Strategy
2. Content Creation
3. Design
4. Development
5. Marketing
6. Ongoing Support

The order in which these categories are listed is particularly set to help understand the pillars of great solutions and what type of work is necessary before moving on to the next.

No matter who you are, or what business you work with, every deliverable will start with strategy. Whether you provide that documented strategy or you have us build it alongside you, it would be required before we start creating content. This ensures everything that is crafted works towards accomplishing your goals. This same pattern is applied to every category in the process. So, if you are looking for Marketing, always be sure that you have a solid digital foundation established in the previous categories before trying to spend money on promoting your business or service. (Believe us, it’s worth it)

We follow this system closely to keep all of our solutions both creative and Impactful. The great news is that at Kelp, all of these solution types fall under our expertise, so if you are just starting off, or if you are well into this digital journey, we’ve got you covered.

Relationship Types

The way each business works best with an Agency like Kelp
varies on the needs, goals, and resources available.

At Kelp, we want to remain flexible in how we structure our partnerships, so we can be an integral and organized part of your team. We can work together on projects, take your work overflow, or partner to work with you regularly over a longer period of time. Whatever makes the most sense for your situation.

  • Projects
  • Retainers
  • Partnerships
  • Short Term
  • Long Term
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

The Project Process

At Kelp, we take pride in our creations. We know that for any properly developed solution there needs to be a well-engineered process working in the background ensuring both accuracy and quality. We break down every project in four different parts so that it is easy to understand what to expect along the way, and know exactly whom is responsible for what. In each phase, Kelp will inform the client of their responsibilities and of any deadlines that correspond.


No solution is well-prepared without an inclusive discovery process. The Discovery Phase establishes the answers to a projects most important questions. In this phase Kelp gathers all project level information including: assets, content, strategy, and project end-goals. This information is then used to thoroughly prep the project for the very best solution possible. We believe that without first answering “Why”, we cannot meet the needs of our clients.


After the project groundwork is laid and understood by all parties, Kelp will use it to construct a production plan. This plan may come in several varieties, depending on the project, but will always serve to express the tactics, techniques or overall style that will be used to craft the final product. This phase of a project makes the “How” clear to both parties; as in, “How are we getting this done?”. The client will have an opportunity to approve this production plan before moving into final production.


Now that the strategy and production plan have been created and approved, Kelp is ready to move into the full creation and proper application of the project’s deliverable. A tangible product is created to the exact specifications of the approved production plan.


All projects need to be validated and prepped for use. In the Deployment Phase, the goal is to confirm that the created product is positioned as close to the real world as possible. Real applications will be tested and confirmed. Any final assets that need to be consolidated and packaged will be properly handled and prepared for the client and for application.

We bring your ideas to life.

Whatever you can imagine, we can probably create it. We are good at what we do, but in order to bring your idea to what you are envisioning, we’ll need to ask you lots of questions first. Understanding your who, what, where, and why will be our team’s #1 goal before we execute on the how.

We have 6 core solutions that work best when they’re completed in order. You may only need help with one or two areas or you may need all the above if you are a new startup.

Who makes a good fit?

Marketing Agencies that need design and/or development support.
A Marketing department that needs design and/or development support. Designers / Developers that need strategy/marketing of their app or product. Business Startups that want to kickstart their brand/marketing. Website engineers that need front-end UI/UX design or development support.