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Custom Designed Websites

A website can be your hardest working salesperson if it’s answering the questions your audience is looking for and is available where your audience is looking. You wouldn’t give your sales department out-dated information to give to prospects and then hide them in the back corner of your office so nobody talks to them? Of course, not. So why would you do that with your company website? Your website can be your most powerful sales tool if it’s designed properly.

3 Simple Website Solutions

Building a website is similar to building a house. There are whole lot of different ways to go about it in order to work with different budgets and specific client needs and tastes. We’ve broken it down into 3 simple options: The modular website, the blueprint website, and the completely custom website. To get started, we ask that you fill out our website questionnaire so we have the info we need to kickstart your new website project.

Your Website, Your CMS

We are experts in designing beautiful user interfaces that are easy for you to update and a pleasure for the end-user to use. We recommend WordPress or HubSpot but we can also build on any platform of your choosing including static website generators such as Statamic. We believe in the web’s open standards and, although we do have personal preferences, the CMS platform your website is built-on is completely up to you.

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The “Modular” Website

This type of website is best for small budgets. It can be created quickly and doesn’t require much input from you besides the initial conversation. They are built using pre-made templates/themes. The customization options are limited to basic colors and fonts. These websites go straight to development since a design mockup isn’t necessary.

The “Blueprint” Website

These websites offer more customization options over the pre-made template/theme websites. They can include custom page layouts as well as overall design and feel to compliment your brand and make your target audience feel right at home. They are built using common design patterns and web frameworks that don’t require much testing because they have already been put through the ropes.

The “Custom” Website

These websites have no limitations. These are the MTV Cribs, if you will, websites where anything goes. You need a custom savings calculator? Fancy page transitions? An eagle that turns into a dinosaur as you scroll? No problem. These are the most expensive of the three because they require the most time to create. They go through an extensive design phase prior to development and an extensive testing phase after development.