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Web Hosting and Maintenance

Every website needs to live somewhere that the internet can reach, Kelp will gladly take care of the boring side of your website by taking care of all your hosting needs. Kelp hosting includes several benefits listed below, and pairs wonderfully with a maintenance package.

The Maintenance Package is specifically designed for clients who would rather not have to worry about the day to day problems, bugs, or changes that websites face. This package takes the pressure off of you, and gives peace of mind that a Kelp representative is on-call and ready when you need them. This package can help clients fix small* content and templates sections on their website that would normally generate separate charges.

(small is defined by the designated Kelp representative; Estimates will be provided for any task not included in the package)


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Web Hosting Package

  • The latest Apache 2.4 / PHP 7.2 powered servers for blazing fast performance
  • Automatic Security Updates
  • Unlimited CDN usage
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Downtime Monitoring
  • Automated Spam Filtering
  • Site Stats and Analytics
  • Automatic Social Media Publishing

$12/month or $100/year

Site Maintenance Package

  • Weekly Backups
  • Attack Prevention and Restoration
  • Email User Addition and Maintenance
  • Bug Fixes
  • Minor site content alterations
  • Minor site template alterations
  • Dedicated Support Representative


Hosting/Maintenance Combo Package

  • Includes ALL benefits from both the Web Hosting AND Site Maintenance packages
  • Save 10% monthly by combining both valuable services