The sum of the consistent and unique visual and non-visual components. Your branding should bring clarity to what you do and why.

What exactly is Branding?

Branding is the sum of the consistent and unique visual and nonvisual components that represent a brand; connecting a product or service directly with a business. Simply put, branding is more than a logo and making things look good. Your branding should bring clarity to what you do and why. It should celebrate personality, reflect and honor your values and be a clear message to your ideal clients why you’re right for them. The right product, the right service. You.

Attract and retain the right customers

Well prepared branding will funnel customers and users in from an interaction with a service or product and bring them back to the root company. It gives a customer something to connect with and make opinions and assumptions from. This interaction should, in theory, attract and retain the right customers for your business, given it aligns with the tangible services being provided. In short, Branding will give a level of cohesiveness and recognizability to a business.

A Brand is a person’s gut feeling about an organization, person, or company.

Marty Neumeier

Before you get started

Before branding can be effectively created, a thorough and well-thought-out strategy will need to exist. Many businesses will create this strategy when first creating their initial business plan and goals. This strategy will need to include key points such as: Why does the company exist? Who does it serve? What makes it different from other companies? Answering these questions is a prerequisite for creating an effective brand.

At Kelp Creative, to help teams tackle product and marketing challenges — we decided to put the brand exercises into a sprint-like process that any team can use. And the best part is: We squeezed it all onto 1 editable document that you can complete with your team in just a few short hours. It’s simple.


Where is it used?

In many cases, Branding may reach more people than a businesses product itself. This is because branding can be applied to more than just physical products. Branding is used in every main component of customer contact. From posts on social media, to ads on the radio, to the boxes a product ships in, a brand can make an impact either positive or negative.

Tone of Voice
Marketing Channels
Product Packaging

Diving deeper

Here at Kelp, this is what we help you do. We help you communicate you. With that said it’s important to us to spend time listening to your story before we offer any solutions because every business is different. So before we offer final estimates we spend time on the phone with you brain-storming strategies and solutions that work best for you. Between several forms of communication, combined with our knowledge of design and marketing will successfully create a unique brand that will be perfect for your business.

Branding is a journey

Keep in mind that building a brand doesn’t happen overnight and can take some time to get to a point where the strategy is being utilized effectively. You can expect a branding project to take at minimum of between one and three months after thoroughly laying out the strategy; keeping in mind that your brand may never be done evolving and refining.

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