Marketing Strategy

What is marketing strategy?

Determining the direction of your next marketing campaign shouldn’t be a guessing game, it should be based on data and relevant information. Marketing Strategy is the backbone of any effective marketing campaign. Without a “map” to plot your course, you may find tracking ROI and impact difficult.

How a marketing strategy works for you.

Yes, it’s important that your campaigns target the right people, but it’s also important that those people are presented with the right message at the right time to achieve your goals. With a comprehensive marketing strategy in place, you can guarantee that your time, money, and efforts don’t go to waste.

What’s the objective of your next marketing initiative?

  • Website conversions
  • Brand awareness 
  • Event promotion
  • Product sales
  • Website traffic

How can Kelp help?

Whether you’re looking to promote your brand organically in the form of an inbound campaign, or looking to utilize PPC and SEM to drive traffic to your site, Kelp is here to help. We will meet with you to understand your strategic goals and together plot the course for your campaign based on industry research.

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