Increase conversion, engagement, and sales with targeted video.

Video can take your business to the next level.

The definition of a video is simple. A bunch of images that form a longer, animated sequence. As simple as it is, most people would agree that through history, it has become much more complex than that. The capability of using movement, noise, text, tone, and photos make it one of the most engaging, impactful, and successful forms of marketing a business or product.

If you are looking to increase your sales, grow brand awareness, or even just educate and inform your audience, video can put your business in a fantastic position for growth.

So, why is video so effective?

Roughly 65 percent of the population consider themselves visual learners, making video one of the best ways to communicate a large amount of information or emotion in a short amount of time. A quality video experience can leave a lasting impression on your audience and establish a level of brand trust and brand identity that other mediums just can’t provide. A high-quality video will set your brand apart from your competitors and connect you to your audience at a deeper level.

Not to mention that in a digital world, such as now, you have less and less time to grab someone’s attention and get your message across.

How do I get started making branded videos?

When to start creating videos for your business is highly debated among digital professionals, but at Kelp we whole-heartily believe that you should never create any digital or physical asset without having a documented purpose, and an established brand. This means having a strategy and a plan before spending your time and money. What you’ll want to shoot for is increasing your chances to actually meet your goals before making a sizable investment.

Brand consistency is key in any public-facing visual medium, especially video. In order to make sure your video aligns with your brand’s voice, style, and message, it is crucial that a brand strategy is in place. This can look like a brand style guide or inclusive branding guidelines. These guidelines can be established prior to, or during, the initial video strategy. This ensures that your brand isn’t misrepresented in any way and you are inline with your business goals.

Where is it used? 

Videos are used in many ways based on their use case. Here are a few examples of use cases for videos.

  • Value Proposition Video
  • Animated Explainer
  • Aerial Footage
  • Product/Service Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Live Productions

Each type of video is structured specifically to achieve a different goal. Make sure you know what you want your viewers to do or think before making the decision of what style will work best for you.

How can Kelp help?

At Kelp, we guide you through our video production process to ensure that your video will be engaging and clear for your audience from the very beginning while keeping the goal in mind. If you feel you don’t have your branding or strategy quite ready yet, we are happy to work alongside your team to get you where you need to be.

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