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Leah Hutcheon, the Founder of Appointedd, came to us for help re-platforming the entire company website with a tight deadline.

The Ask

They needed 106 static pages and 200+ blog posts, all using 20 custom designed page templates, migrated from HubSpot to WordPress using the same design and all done within 30 days.

Our Approach

Knowing it was a tight deadline, we got started right away building the site locally rather than waiting on a web host to be chosen first. Knowing their developers were familiar with HubSpot, we decided to build the site using the twig templating language because it is very similar to HubSpot’s own HubL. The reason both languages have similar syntax styles is because they both came from the same Jinja inspired origins.

Our Solution

HubDB to Custom Post Types

The HubSpot website had a lot of HubDB data stores which we rebuilt as WordPress Custom Post Types. This allowed us to create the same functionality across the site while maintaining the ability for them to edit the content in a single place.

HubSpot Blog Export Tool

With over 200 blog posts to be migrated and no way to export the blog posts out of HubSpot, we ended up building our own HubSpot blog export tool using a custom coded HubL blog template to generate a CSV with all the required data in it.

Smart Content Replacement

One of the unique features from their HubSpot website was geolocating “smart content” that would update their pricing page with the correct currency and pricing depending on the visitor’s location. We built this functionality into their theme using Advanced Custom Fields to make the content easily editable by non-developers.

We’ve been the victim of some shoddy web building in the past so we were extremely happy to get everything done on time and in-budget! Leah Hutcheon Founder

Technologies Used

WordPress ACF PRO Timber jQuery SASS

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