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Video and Digital Design

Q&A Video Series with Custom Illustrations & Animations


The Need

Barcodes Talk approached us in search of quality video production assistance. They recognized an opportunity to bring better value to their customers, and others in their industry by creating informational videos based on some of their customer’s most frequently asked questions.

The Solution

Through a collaborative effort with the Barcodes Talk team, we forged a plan of attack. We would assess the core questions their customers are asking and create a small series of videos to help the Barcodes Talk team connect the dots for their customers.

Utilizing Barcodes Talk’s experience and industry knowledge on each topic, we structured, scripted and prepped the information to be delivered in an entertaining and effective way. This process led us to a finalized script, a staged production shoot, and plenty of editing and custom animation. During this process, we also made preparations for the platforms and formats these videos would reside in and optimized accordingly.

Simple Animated Explainer Video

Help people understand an idea, concept, or teach them how to do something with an explainer video. No boring, lengthy reads, or the stress of giving instructions.

The Result

The Result: Four informative videos for the client’s arsenal of customer resources. Three videos targeted the main three questions in a shorter, easy to digest format, while the fourth consolidated all three questions into one longer format video. This structure lends itself to keyword optimization for both YouTube and Search Engines as unique titles can appear in varying structures to align with several different search queries. This also allows the Barcodes Talk team to create new videos in the future in a similar structure to grow their informational resources.


Kelp Creative Agency has been absolutely amazing in the expansion into our company’s newly created YouTube channel. They created a professional, fantastic looking video for us and we look forward to many more. Kelp has been extremely skillful, effectively precise and efficiently quick with their turn-a-round times. They made content creation simple for our team by taking time to understand our overall vision for this project, as well as giving careful consideration to the goals we wanted to achieve. Shooting the video was easy and fun; our only worries had to do with which decisions to make among the number of great options Kelp presented our way. I would happily recommend Kelp to everyone, both in our industry and out. Brandon Gordon Founder

Technologies Used

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Audition Adobe Premier Adobe After Effects

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