Blaze Interiors

Branding and Website Development

A premium brand experience for a premium furniture dealer.


The Need

Blaze Interiors is a seller of high-end furniture and merchandise on Florida’s west coast. Though all of Blaze Interior’s products are high-quality, the Blaze Interior line of Live Edge furniture is particularly renowned for it’s one-of-a-kind look and world class look and construction. The Blaze team reached out to Kelp looking for a brand and website that could deliver the same premium experience online as one of their in-person showrooms. 

The Solution


The best way to experience Blaze Interior’s furniture is by visiting one of their immaculate Naples or Estero Florida showrooms in person. It was crucial to Blaze that their new website communicate the sheer size and beauty of their showrooms with high quality photos of their products and locations.

Logo Design/ Branding

A proper logo and branding is key to establishing Blaze interiors as a legitimate brand and help their customers better associate them with their work.

Website Development

Kelp created a clean and modern website to showcase the Blaze product catalog and capture potential customer inquiries, while still maintaining the premium customer experience from one of their in-person showrooms.

The Result

The combination of development and design for Blaze has helped their team grow their brand awareness, and begin expanding their marketing efforts through digital means. Since the branding and website project’s completion, the Blaze Interior team has actually expanded to a third showroom location.

Kelp was a pleasure to work with. They guided us through our strategic project with unmatched expertise and attention to detail. Blaze Owner / Operator

Technologies Used

HubSpot Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop

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