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Family Trading Company

Family Trading Company

A new product, a new company, a new brand, a new website.

The Ask

Nathan Snow, a local to Hernando, came to us for help with making a website for his new company “Family Trading Company”. How do you sell a new product from a company nobody has heard of?

Our Approach

Their product is an apple cider vinegar drink made from organic apples, local blueberries, and local honey. After hearing his story behind the product and having a few samples we were eager to get started – and let me tell you – it’s good!

First, a Logo.

We designed the logo to have a nice, warm feeling. It had to be be comfortable and casual, like a long-time friend. We drew inspiration from old general store signage for the typography and kept the colors to a minimum so it would complement any colors on the product packaging.

Then, the Product Packaging.

“Repose” is the name of their drink. It will eventually come in a variety of flavors so we designed the packaging around that.

Our Solution

Finally, a Website.

They wanted the ability to sell on multiple platforms and use their existing Fedex account, so we chose to use BigCommerce as the eCommerce platform since it includes both of these things out of the box.

The website will help generate direct to consumer sales, and more importantly, build credibility with distributors looking for more information about the company before stocking the product on their own shelves.

Technologies Used

BigCommerce jQuery SASS