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Genevieve is a strategy firm with deep experience in digital mediums and marketing. They create, implement, and optimize strategies that last.

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The Ask

Genevieve needed a brand refresh that brought them into 2019 and propelled them into the future. As a company they are always in-the-know and ahead of the curve so visually, their current branding just wasn’t cutting the mustard. It wasn’t telling the right story. In the end they needed something fun, minimalist, vibrant, and luxurious.

Our Approach

After some great insight into their companies motivation – being values, beliefs and clientele personas we were able to form the direction needed to start on creative and got to work. We explored several design styles that matched the tone we set out to capture and iterated as needed.

Genevieve Brand Guide
Renia Carsillo Big kudos and thanks to Kelp Creative Agency for helping to bring this to life. Partnering with this crew of creatives is the most fun I’ve had working with designers / devs in a long time. Renia Carsillo Owner

Technologies Used

Adobe Illustrator

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