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HubMatch is a company that wants to connect HubSpot Users with HubSpot Professionals. However, building a new community requires making a good first impression.

The HubMatch Home Page Mockup

The Ask

HubMatch has a team of developers that are building the product, but they needed help taking the visuals to the next level so their users first impression – come launch day – would be a good one. The main goal for the new design is to leave people wanting to sign up.

Our Approach

After the discovery call with Kevin and James, we dove right into designing a prototype home page and upgrading their current design language into something that looked awesome! We shot some ideas back and forth in Slack and quickly came up with a design everyone liked and modularized it so it would be easy for their developers to pull from going forward.

The HubMatch Style Guide
James Desmond The new HubMatch home page design exceeded expectations! We are super psyched to have Kelp working with us as we scale this platform together. James Desmond Director of Smarketing

Technologies Used


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