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HubSpot Referral Program Dashboard

Chargeback Gurus

Suresh, CEO of Chargeback Gurus, needed to reduce phone calls to his organization’s top sales reps by streamlining the way their partners find the status of their referrals.

The Ask

They needed a custom dashboard that is both secure and automated in order to let their partners know the status of their client referrals and sales commissions.

Our Approach

Knowing their partner referrals were being sent via HubSpot forms, we knew we could use HubSpot’s APIs to generate the data needed. We came up with a plan to use HubSpot dynamic lists in tandem with the Contact Lists API to auto generate all the data for each partner dashboard.

Our Solution

Since Chargeback Gurus hosts their website with the HubSpot CMS and there isn’t a way to access HubSpot APIs from within the CMS, we had to create a custom solution to enable CORS access with the HubSpot API. This way, we can keep the custom dashboard in their HubSpot portal so they still have full control over the code as well as the convenience of everything staying in a single place.

Brian Radford
Working with Kelp has been an absolute pleasure! Anytime we ask for something however hard it may be, they deliver! Brian Radford Marketing Director

Technologies Used

HubSpot jQuery PHP Chart.js