Kelp Animated Explainer


A fun animation created by Kelp, for Kelp.

sunset boat

The Need

We wanted a creative video that showcased our animated video services while also communicating the value Kelp brings to our customers. Most of our clients know us as their development and design team, but not many have taken advantage of our other creative services like video and content creation. This was our chance to show our stuff!

Our Approach

Managing a company’s digital presence without the right training, resources, and crew is often the situation our clients find themselves in. With that in mind, we went to the drawing board. Together we crafted a script and hand-sketched storyboard that communicated Kelp’s role in our customers’ digital journey!

We knew we wanted to stick with our Kelp nautical branding, so we had to find a way to communicate our value proposition, “Creative Solutions Made Simple”, through a story that could connect with our client’s pain points in a “Kelpy” way. And in our eyes, managing a company’s digital presence can, at times, be as demanding as navigating the seven seas. So it seemed appropriate to set sail in that direction.

Our design team took the hand-drawn storyboard and script and created each scene digitally along with each asset to prepare them for animation.

In the creation of the animation, we used a parallax technique to give depth to our animation. It provides that 3D aspect to the video and uses aperture to blur the foreground and background, allowing us to focus on what is important in the scene.

We actually wrote an awesome blog post about this technique, which you can find here!

The Result

We now have an awesome animated video! It expresses Kelp’s usefulness in the digital community and can be used on our social platform and our website to promote our brand.

Technologies Used

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Audition Adobe Premier Adobe After Effects

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