Marine BioEnergy


Bringing Marine BioEnergy concepts to life in a easily understood animated explainer


The Need

Marine BioEnergy Inc. is an organization founded to address climate change by replacing fossil fuels with carbon-neutral fuels made from kelp. After searching the web for agencies that create quality animated video, they stumbled on Kelp. Their project was to create animated explainer videos for their patented depth-cycle kelp approach to present at various US Department of Energy conferences; as expected, this project had a strict deadline and needed to be versatile enough to present on its own or accompanied by a narrator.

The Solution

Video Services – Due to the specifics provided by the client on this project, significant time was allotted for storyboarding and digital asset creation. We needed to ensure the assets were completely accurate before actually creating the videos, so incorporating client reviews at each phase was crucial for meeting the client’s deadline. As a result of excellent client communication, the review process went smoothly at each phase, reducing potential friction and increasing quality overall.

The Result

The result of this project was the creation of a visually appealing and logical explainer video created purely from a written script. Our team had to bring words and concepts to life, and they succeeded by providing a video that was both visually captivating and informative, all well within the client’s deadline! Now the Marine BioEnergy team can effectively present their groundbreaking kelp farming process effectively by displaying the videos produced by our team! 

…I think more videos and updates are in our future! Many thanks to you and the team for an excellent production! Cindy Wilcox Owners of Marine BioEnergy

Technologies Used

Adobe Illustrator Adobe After Effects

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