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Diane Bedard, the owner of, originally came to us for help with speeding up her WordPress site’s page load time. We were able to help by moving the site to a new hosting environment and fixing some bugs with the WordPress theme. Soon after she decided it was time for a complete refresh, starting with the logo.

Good Branding is the Foundation to a Good Website Design

Before redesigning the website, we needed to get some solid branding to build our foundation on. Without a brand to build on, there’s not much of a reason to not use any of the off-the-shelf prebuilt themes out there. However, when you have a solid brand and a style guide, this is when your website can really shine and bring a lasting, memorable experience to your visitors. Not only does it help give a solid footing to your website, but it also brings a unified look and feel to all of your marketing efforts whether that’s print or digital, and everything in-between.


Diane Bedard
Immediately after launching the new website the bounce rate went from 80% to 5% Diane Bedard Owner

Technologies Used

WordPress ACF PRO Timber jQuery SASS