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Social Media Marketing Campaign

Oogle app

The Need

The Oogle team approached us in search of help marketing their digital app. The app is unique in that it accommodates people looking to buy, sell, or trade farm goods and services; kind of like other buy/sell/trade apps, except with custom tailored features to make things easier for users that have interest in livestock, produce and homemade goods.

The app was freshly created, had lots of potential, and the timing was as good as any. The question was, “How do we reach the right people at the right time?”

The Solution

We spent time with the Oogle team to understand their app features and goals, and helped strategize target audiences. Understanding these demographics allowed us to confidently create a social media marketing campaign that would reach into specific geographical portions of the country in order to gain traction and app usage in those areas.

Custom design, video ads, animations, and unique tote bags (for local marketing) were all created as part of the solution and helped add supporting material to the brand awareness campaign.

oogle app feature - sell

Oogle business cards

The Result

Between applying the marketing strategy to the ads, and showcasing memorable and interesting branding, Oogle was able to bring a high level of brand awareness and interest to their app. The consistency between generated assets and intention behind the placement of the work allowed Oogle to truly showcase its ability to the people who were most likely to take part in it. Not to mention, at the end of the campaign, Oogle was left with a plethora of brand related assets for use in future campaigns, their website, and more.

Technologies Used

Adobe XD Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premier Adobe After Effects

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