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They had a product. They needed a way to sell it. Enter Kelp Creative Agency.


The Need

They needed a way to show their unique product’s ease-of-use while keeping the spirit of the beach lifestyle alive. How can you show a relatively plain product in a fun and interesting way?

With the help of some local Floridian friends to model for us, we had a photoshoot and made use of bright colors to make their product and brand memorable.

Our Approach

A simple brand that needed to be recognizable from a distance. Most people will see this logo on their products on the beach so using colors that stand out against the bright sand makes people notice.

From Conception

A few concepts in the early ideation stage. We started with a grungy look but ended up going with the cleaner design.

To Final

We were still able to keep some of the grungy textures on various marketing materials but keeping the logo clean makes the product more premium feeling.

The Beach Lifestyle

By showing the product fits in with the beach-goer population, it makes the product persona feel comfortable with it from the get-go. This is extremely important for new companies that don’t have existing customers yet to provide social proof.

chris ryan I was extremely impressed with Kelp’s creative direction and execution on the ecommerce website. Chris Ryan Owner

Technologies Used

Shopify jQuery Adobe XD Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop

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