Sentinel Services Group

Photography and Video


The Need

Sentinel Services Group is an aviation company that is inspired to help individuals fly by offering different flight training courses and certifications. SSG came to us with the need to revamp the visuals and imagery on their website. Capturing the romanticism of flight was a top priority for SSG, so creating a clear photography strategy and shot list was crucial in acquiring the best imagery. 

The Solutions

Photography & Videography

After a few discovery and strategy meetings with the client, we understood the direction and passion of SSG and how they wanted to truly capture the beauty of flying. Since the hangar has such an incredible view of the sunset, using that as the background was key.  This led to a photoshoot in the late afternoon just before sunset. 

During the photoshoot, we took headshots of the team members, group photos, application shots of team members fixing or fueling aircraft, equipment pictures, plane pictures (both stationary and in flight), overall scenery pictures, and more. After all imagery was acquired the selected photos were then edited to be used for the website and potential social media posts.

The Result

The result of this photoshoot was a visual transformation to their existing website. Before, they had a lot of dark overlays on their images which made SSG feel cold, distant, and elite. By simply removing that overlay and incorporating imagery with the sunset and the friendly team, we were able to reverse the previous website feel into something more inviting and even romantic. This client continues to work with Kelp and will likely undergo branding services and a complete website redesign in the near future.

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