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Kelp is just a few Floridians with a passion for excellent design and great experiences, committed to helping organizations reach their full potential. Friends since 2009, collaborating since 2012.

Our Values


We are proud of our work and love what we do.


Consistently creating great work and dependable when you need us.


We are honest for better or worse. If we feel a project is not going to work or something is just flat out not right, we let you know about it.

Who We Are

Stefen Phelps

Stefen Phelps

Co-founder / Developer

Works hard when he gets 8 hours of sleep. Speaks HTML and English.


Luke Kenney

Luke Kenney

Co-founder / Designer

Likes to draw and color pretty shapes n' things.


Caleb Kenney

Caleb Kenney

Co-founder / Sales & Strategy

The strategist behind Kelp and our clients growth.

Lief Thomason

Lief Thomason

Creative Media Director

Everything is a story, you just have to know how to tell it.


Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson

Project Manager

Keeps clients in the loop, and projects on track. Speaks nerd, so you don't have to.