Introducing Kelp—Hernando County’s First Design & Development Agency

I have been freelancing nights and weekends, part-time for close to a decade now. Over the past 2 years I’ve been offloading a lot more of my design specific work to Luke Kenney that, to be honest, he is way better at than me! As we’ve spent more time working together on more and more projects we quickly realized we had a good thing going.

Luke Kenney + Stefen Phelps == Kelp

I honestly don’t remember who came up with the name, but I believe it was sort of a joke when we first mentioned it. It was one of those things that you joke about and then keep joking about. At some point between juggling multiple freelance projects in addition to our day jobs, it stopped being a joke and became a real thing that we started to meet about on a frequent basis.

So… Who is this Caleb guy?

Luke and I both have our strengths. He’s a great designer, I’m a good developer. But we both are more of the creative type that hates dealing with the business aspect of things. That’s where Caleb comes into play. Luke’s brother, Caleb, has started a couple companies before and he’s also a really great developer so it was a no-brainer.

Thanks to all of our existing clients for supporting us and here’s to a bright future 🍻

Stefen Phelps

I have a passion for developing responsive layouts, accessible UIs, and performant web apps.


Rayp7673 says

Awesome to see you doing this.

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