Simple Social Sharing—Free HubSpot Custom Module

Our first HubSpot Custom Module is now available in the HubSpot Marketplace which marks Kelp’s official debut in any digital marketplace 🎉

Why Social Sharing Buttons?

There are a million social sharing plugins out there, we know… But we are a very picky group when it comes to website performance and design options. So, yet another social sharing plugin now exists. The difference with ours is it doesn’t require any additional HTTP requests since all of the icons are built with CSS and inline SVG–which means it doesn’t slow down your page. Because we use inline SVG it also means you can customize the colors to match your own website design.

customizing social sharing buttons
Plenty of design options built-in. Sweet!

But don’t just take our word for it, check it out yourself:
Simple Social Sharing Module

The Future is Platform Agnostic

The beauty of the web is you can have a single website that works on any device. So why not build themes, modules, and templates the same way? We have big plans ahead and this is just a taste of what we hope to accomplish. If you’re not on HubSpot, be on the lookout for a Simple Social Sharing WordPress plugin and a Shopify app in the near future.

If you’d like to see this on another platform, let us know in the comments!

7/30/2018 UPDATE: the WordPress plugin is now available.

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