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???? We’re Growing—Kelp’s Latest Additions ????

It has been a full 10 weeks since I started working Kelp full-time. So much has happened in 10 weeks it’s hard to keep track, so here’s a recap: We…

It has been a full 10 weeks since I started working Kelp full-time. So much has happened in 10 weeks it’s hard to keep track, so here’s a recap:

We have an Office in Downtown Brooksville

Our friend Daniel Pritz, owner of Mountaineer Coffee, is our official office mate! We are sharing a space together so we both can have a place to focus and a private space for client meetings. It’s very cozy but I think we can fit a couple more desks—to be honest, I don’t actually think we’ll be able to stay in this space for very much longer, but it’s perfect for right now. Drop us a line for your exclusive free tour.

Squid squidly welcoming you to Kelp's office
Welcome to Kelp’s first office

Basic… are we doing this right?

We Have 2 More Full-timers

Lief and Caleb have joined me as Kelp full-timers and I couldn’t be more excited! You all already know Caleb. When he isn’t helping me with project work, he is hard at work on making proposals, talking with prospects, and handling all of our accounting / bookkeeping. Lief Thomason is a long-time friend and an amazing cinematographer / photographer. He is heading up a whole new digital production department at Kelp which is extremely awesome! If you haven’t seen his stuff, check out his latest reel below and you’ll understand my excitement for him to be on the Kelp train: 

New WordPress Plugin / HubSpot Module Released

We have created and released our very first WordPress plugin and HubSpot module for free on both platforms nearly simultaneously! We love both platforms and know that a lot of people have content on both platforms. Now, you can have sharing buttons that look consistent on your HubSpot landing pages and your WordPress blog/website. Huzzah!

We think providing consistent design across all your channels is important for a good user experience. Expect to see more where this came from.

6 New Clients On-board

We are extremely blessed and honored to be working with Triple C Ranch, Advanced Imaging Concepts, Westover’s Flowers, and Remnant Sound just to name a few. From company branding to custom development projects and API integrations, we’ve got a lot of work to do!

CodePen Swag and Tasty Kelp Treats 

Hosted Brooksville’s 2nd CodePen Meetup

We love networking and sharing knowledge with our fellow designers and coders from the local community. This is exactly what we did a couple weeks ago at Brooksville’s 2nd CodePen meetup. It was mostly just me and Luke rambling on about how SVGs work, Kelp’s mascot “Squid Squidly”, and the importance of simplicity in design. Nonetheless, I think everyone enjoyed the strawberry filled chocolate cupcakes. The “kelp” on the cupcakes were chocolate covered bacon. Yeah, it was pretty awesome – thanks to my amazing wife!

The Future

This is the part where I tell you what plans are in the future. But I can’t just give away all of our secrets in one blog post. Instead, I’m going to ask you to subscribe below so you can get notified when the future happens. And, just as a bonus, here is a photo of us pointing down so you know where to subscribe…


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You guys are so inspiring! Love working with you!

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Thank you! ❤️

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