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The Need

HS&R is a Sales and Marketing Agency specializing in the Western U.S. with a passion for providing prescriptive solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods organizations that manufacture, sell, and market food products. This client came to Kelp with the need to update their existing website to follow best practices and feature their core services. Since this client is a sales and marketing agency, HubSpot was an ideal platform to build their new website.

From our initial sales discovery call, we determined that the client needed content creation services in addition to the migration and development of their website in HubSpot. Another important request from the client was to expedite the timeline, so we shifted our production schedule to accomplish this client’s needs within the limited time frame. 

The Solutions

Content Strategy

Although much of the existing site structure was the same, we needed to create a content strategy to organize all the new and existing content and how it would be displayed on the new website. By creating a content strategy, our team could determine what content the client already had and what content we needed to create.


Our team held a content interview with the CEO and COO to acquire accurate content for the business solutions categories as well as coverage areas. From our interview, we were able to curate content, so their team did not have to do it themselves.

Digital Design

Once the client approved our content strategy and curated content, we were able to proceed with a design mockup of the new website. This mockup took into account the existing brand and created an overall ‘fresh’ and ‘clean’ grocery store appeal with the content laid out in visually logical and appealing sections and modules on the website.

Website Migration & Development

The final and most involved step of this project was developing the website based on the approved mockup.
This website includes numerous features such as:

  • A solutions slider to aesthetically present content, a call-to-action button, and an image which cycles through slides automatically or manually with arrows
  • A process module that lays out the different process titles in a unique grid and cycles the description on the top grid section when clicked or automatically every few seconds
  • A team member module that includes thumbnail previews of the various employees and cycles content when clicked
  • A unique page that targets a specific brand of HS&R called HS&R fresh that links to the homepage via a unique button
  • A coverage map that dynamically changes the vendors once a region is selected

The Result

The final product is a beautiful, efficient website that clearly represents HS&R and their business solutions while exemplifying and capturing a clean/fresh look based on industry standards. The HubSpot platform allows for easy sales and workflow features to accommodate the sales team. All of this was completed within the client’s expedited timeline, and they are very satisfied with the result. 

Technologies Used

HubSpot Adobe XD Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop

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