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The Need

Our client came to us looking to build a brand. A brand that could help connect their vision of impacting the world through sustainable and fashionable clothing while sharing the message of love and redemption to their customers. They were looking to establish an image that was both memorable and appropriate for a younger Christian audience to get behind.

A collection of iterations that didn’t quite hit the mark.

The Solution

Mapping out the needs of both the client and the targeted persona was the first step in crafting this brand. We spent ample time with the client’s team strategizing and documenting both the targeting audience and what made them love a brand and a product. We used this collaborative discussion to fuel the direction of the visual assets that began composing the brand. It all started with some conceptual designs to help spark discussion and polarize different tactics in achieving the client’s goals. Our teams worked together to pinpoint visual elements that would affect the audience in specific ways, and after understanding the key goals behind the visuals, a final brand style, logo, and supporting assets were crafted.

Technologies Used

Adobe XD Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop

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