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Pizzarrito: Pizza Meets Burrito

Apparel Design, Branding, and Website Development

The Brand

An experimental eCommerce brand exercise focused on design, apparel, marketing.


Branding, Apparel, Digital Design, Web Development

Sometimes you just have to get creative

Here at Kelp we sometimes create brands for fictitious companies just so we have some nice placeholder content for the themes we sell on a variety of marketplaces around the web, such as the HubSpot Marketplace.

Pizzarrito is one of those brands. It’s a fun take on a brand that is a brick-and-mortar, eCommerce food service company. This allows us to create use cases for all the neat features on our theme, showcase our creativity, and explore new techniques and options for clients and partners in the future.

A Complimentary Package

A trendy eCommerce site is nothing without it’s trendy branding and marketing. The creation of this brand led to several unique deliverables, such as: The website theme design, some neat shirts, social media templates, and, of course, the branding itself. This combination of solutions is common for businesses like this who are trying to expand and take their brand awareness and site functionality to the next-level.


It doesn’t end here

Pizzarito is more than just a dream, however. The assets created in this process serve us as a great reference and foundation for future client projects. It’s extremely common for our partners to want some sort of inspiration or reference when determining their next steps in the digital world; projects like Pizzarito help us communicate those ideas effectively. Who knows, maybe you are looking for something similar yourself? If so, we can keep the ideas coming piping hot and fresh to order.