Logo & Branding

Simply put, branding is more then a logo and making things look good. Your branding should bring clarity to what you do and why. It should celebrate personality, honor your values and be a clear message to your ideal clients why you’re right for them. The right product, the right service. You.

Here at Kelp, this is what we help you do. We help you communicate you. With that said it’s important to us to spend time listening to your story before we offer any solutions because every business is different. So before we offer final estimates we spend time on the phone with you brain-storming strategies and solutions that work best for you. We also have you fill out a form about your business so we have your ideas in written form and finally we ask you to share inspiration imagery of your visual styles. These three forms of communication, combined with our knowledge of design and marketing will successfully create a unique brand that will be perfect for your business.

Design Packages

We offer three branding and logo design packages to provide you with the perfect collection for your design needs. Each package is designed to meet you where you are today while preparing you for where you want to take your brand tomorrow. Brand Design projects take generally 2-4 weeks. Greatly dependent upon client response time and additional add-ons beyond the package deliverables.