HubSpot How To Lazy Load Images in Rich Text Modules
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HubSpot How To: Lazy Load Images in Rich Text Modules

Lazy loading images on HubSpot can be tricky when it comes to images that are added in Rich Text Modules. Since there isn’t a way for a developer to control the markup those images output onto the page, it requires a bit of HTML tweaking inside the rich text editor itself. Personally, I recommend avoiding adding images to rich text modules all-together and, instead, use a well designed template/custom module combo that can accommodate your… Read More

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Kelp’s 2018

2018 is over. Here’s what happened. We’ve only been around (officially) for about half a year, but we were able get a lot done anyway! Here are some notable stats from the past 6 months: 🔢 By the numbers Helped 30+ ClientsWrote 14 blog postsCreated 1 WordPress Plugin and 2 HubSpot modulesHired 1 personHosted 1 CodePen MeetupDesigned 20 brandsCreated 27 websitesMoved into 2 offices and out of 1 😂Totaled 1 Tesla 😭 What’s next 🤔 This next year… Read More

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We’ve moved!

I know what you’re thinking… didn’t they just get an office a couple months ago? Yes. You are correct. So why are we moving to a new office? Great question, glad you asked! We have moved into a new office that is much larger (one that we can all fit in without breathing down each other’s necks) and one that comes with the added perk of being around a bunch of other extremely smart Brooksville… Read More

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Manipulate HubSpot Forms with JavaScript—the Right Way

Let’s say you need to change a class on a specific input. Or, maybe you need to remove some extra divs in order to get that specific layout needed. Being the snazzy developer that you are—you think to yourself, simple enough! I’ll just adjust the form embeds with some JavaScript and call it a day… but your script isn’t working… ???? Since HubSpot form embeds are powered by React, you can’t simply wait for the… Read More

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Add an AJAX Powered Load More Posts button to your WordPress Blog without a Plugin

There are a million plugins out there that will do this for you – most of which are just using the Infinite Scroll JavaScript plugin under the hood. They are great because it keeps people reading without forcing them to load a new page. However, the problem with infinite scrolling is the fact that you can’t ever access the footer of the website. You probably don’t want to load an entire plugin just to add… Read More

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Why You Should Be Using a Local Agency

I think we can all agree that all agencies are not created equal. There are agencies all over the world, in all sorts of markets, that are both excellent and embarrassingly bad. So what makes a business owner, marketing manager, or web team pick which agency is the best fit for them? Well… if we were to poll the majority of small businesses, we might find that most companies elect the agency that has the… Read More

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How to Enable CORS/AJAX Requests for any HubSpot API

HubSpot has a set of great APIs that offer a ton of flexibility in terms of getting the data you need out of your HubSpot portal. The issue is – at least for all the front-end developers out there that prefer to do things client-side – HubSpot blocks client-side cross-origin requests and doesn’t offer a way to make server-side requests with HubL. Argh! This leaves you with 1 option: use your own server. The… Read More

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The HubSpot CMS—a 2018 Review

Hosting your website with the HubSpot CMS is a big commitment. Before you decide to go all-in drinking the HubSpot Kool-Aid, you should consider all the pros and cons of such a decision. The Benefits to Hosting Your Website on HubSpot’s CMS The obvious and primary benefit to HubSpot in general is that it can be your entire company’s marketing and sales platform, seamlessly working together and all in a single place that’s easy-to-use for… Read More

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🎉 🎉 🎉 We’re Growing—Kelp’s Latest Additions 🦑 🌿

It has been a full 10 weeks since I started working Kelp full-time. So much has happened in 10 weeks it’s hard to keep track, so here’s a recap: We have an Office in Downtown Brooksville Our friend Daniel Pritz, owner of Mountaineer Coffee, is our official office mate! We are sharing a space together so we both can have a place to focus and a private space for client meetings. It’s very cozy… Read More

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