| 2 minute read

The Basics of Good Lighting for Photo & Video

Let’s talk about lighting. Lighting is often times the determining factor in what makes a picture or video look professional. Resolution, color science, and editing skills are all great to have, but if your shoot was poorly lit, there’s not much you can do to… Read More

| 2 minute read

Utilizing Photography in Your Designs

“A picture is worth a thousand words“ Photography can breathe life into your website, social media, or marketing efforts. With strategic photography planning, you can tell an entire story about your business, show off your business’s history, and establish a photogenic brand with a single… Read More

| 3 minute read

Improving Your Design and Conversion with Contrast

Most digital professionals realize that getting a user’s attention is a primary factor in achieving your online goals. We’ve all seen the popups, huge buttons, and animation that works to draw a user somewhere on a webpage in hopes of a racking up a conversion… Read More

| 2 minute read

Better HubSpot Breadcrumbs

The standard way for creating breadcrumb links on your page in HubSpot is to use a menu module with the breadcrumb menu type selected. This requires you to create a menu and select every page you want to include in the breadcrumbs. This can take… Read More

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